Chiropractic Care

Dr. Greg sees a variety of patients, whether newborn or older adult, he treats each patient to their specific needs at their appointment.  

Dr. Greg treats patients for a range of conditions: constipation & acid reflux in newborn, prenatal, headache, pain within different areas of your body (neck, spine, wrist, hips, etc.), Motor Vehicle Accident, Workers’ Compensation injuries & also maintenance just to list a few. 

Your adjustment may consist of either manipulation by hand or low force instrument treatment.   

Athletic Physicals

We offer athletic physicals for $20. The Iowa High School Athletic Association requires every student in grades 7 – 12 to complete an athletic physical before being cleared to play on any athletic team. The form is to be completed by any qualified physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner, or chiropractor. Athletic physical forms are to be completed each year.  

Kids' Day

On the second Wednesday of every month we hold a “Kids’ Day”, when kids under 18 can be adjusted for only $15. If your copay is less than $15, you will only need to pay your copay. Call to schedule an appointment for your child.